Due to the aggressive construction schedule restrain, IMMS was assigned to perform the construction management for the 2-storey 6,600-square meter reinforced concrete clubhouse more...  
  The project was initiated by Bridges Construction Bureau, and was awarded to IMMS Co., Ltd. at the end of September 2005. The essence of the project was to verify the current conditions more...  
  Bridge Health Monitoring (BHM) System is one of the innovative and reliable systems for diagnostic monitoring and evaluating the bridge actual conditions. The BHM system will enable monitoring more...  
  The Vol.4 of International Journal of Materials and Structural Reliability is ready for download more...  
  If you are interested in being a part of our success, no matter how much professional expertise you have, from high caliber to college student level, please forward your resume to us more...  

Structural Analysis and Design
Structural Inspection, Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Structural Monitoring
Bridge Management System (BMS)
Non-Desturctive Testing (NDT)
Inspection manual for The Rama 9 Bridge
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
Field measurement of dynamic responses of concrete highway interchange
Examination of vibration of bridge hangers
Limit load analysis capabilities in ANSYS
Evaluation of bridge structures using ANSYS
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