Structural monitoring is the process to collect the various data of existing structures at a pre-defined interval such as structural settlement, member forces, traffic, loading, wind velocity, temperature, crack growth, etc. There are two types of structural monitoring depending upon the objectives: 1) to study the global structural behavior and 2) to study the local area, which appears to be critical. The monitoring data, as well as the analysis data will be valuable information, which helps to understand and to predict structural responses and behaviors.

             IMMS is striving to be the national leaders in the provision of structural health monitoring systems for bridges, buildings, as well as other types of structures, such as spherical tanks, chemical vessels, etc. Hundreds of sensors will be attached over the entire structure. Typically, the data received from our advanced monitoring module will be gathered and processed in real-time display mode, which makes the understanding of structural response to assigned loading criteria more comprehensible.

             In addition to the structural monitoring systems described above, IMMS is also able to provide ground instrumentation to monitor a wide range of geotechnical parameters, such as settlement, pore pressure, and displacement that are associated with civil engineering activities.

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