Inspection manual for The Rama 9 Bridge
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Field measurement of dynamic responses of concrete highway interchange
Examination of vibration of bridge hangers
Limit load analysis capabilities in ANSYS
Evaluation of bridge structures using ANSYS

We also work in cooperation with a number of academic establishments on research projects, practical fieldwork for students, use of equipment and etc

Residual stress in the steel truss (RAMA 6 bridge)
The effect of train speed to Dynamic Magnification Factor (DMF) of steel truss bridge
The causes that alter RAMA 6 bridge behavior
Termination length of CFPR plate of rehabilitated steel girder
Dynamic responses of a 7-span continuous concrete highway interchange
The effect of fire to concrete bridge
The effect of vehicle braking to concrete bridge responses
Relaxation monitoring of pre-stressed girder
Load distribution study on a pre-stressed concrete girder type bridge
Acoustic Emission for chemical tank detection of corrosion
Fatigue of cable stayed bridge - continues monitoring with AE
Local vibration of orthotropic deck plate effects the roadway material
Roughness Index of pavement and bridge
The study of stochastic in dynamic behavior of expressway bridge
Determination of cable forces
The art of correlation of field measurement data to FEM computer model

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